The climate puppets

Documentary web created by students of the European schools participating in the project Youngsters I.Doc Makers (YIDOCM)

Migration Crisis - Personal points of view

Vero in Athens

Vero is an audiovisual student interested especially in documentaries. She is concerned about the lives of the young people who come to Europe from different parts of the world. Young people who take a high risk to reach Europe. Vero travelled to Athens (Greece) during summertime to look for answers. Here you are with the work that she did. The names of the youngsters who Vero interviewed have been modified to protect their real identities.

Belal's interview

BELAL is a photographer and war journalist who speaks different dialects of Arabic and who knows what the situation of migration flows and refugees is about. On this interview, we get us in touch with a refugee so we will show the reasons of this phenomenon and the roots of the problem from the point of view of Belal.

Refugees at Athens

Pictures by Aureo de la Parra.