The climate puppets

Documentary web created by students of the European schools participating in the project Youngsters I.Doc Makers (YIDOCM)

Climate Change


Tatiana Nuño, graduated in Marine Sciences, is the person responsible for the Climate Change Campaign at Greenpeace International NGO. She has been interviewed by youngsters I.Doc makers to explain human causes of climate change and the main impacts it has on our daily life, especially with respect to agriculture. But what exactly is the definition of climate refugees? How are they connected to climate change? Tatiana sheds light on these issues.

Transport issues

Living and travelling in the European Union also means to cover greater distances to get to the place you want to be. Most times we don’t have any other option than taking the air plane which is the most climate damaging way of travelling. But that gives you a chance to think if: first of all your travel is really necessary or if you could communicate remotely i.e. via internet services and secondly if there is an accecptable alternative of travelling for the distance you need to cover. Have a look on what our students experienced when taking a night train instead of flights to travel from Vienna to Berlin.

Nutrition impacts on our climate

Connection between regional food and climate change

Most of our food is still transported with trucks. Buying regional products is a way to reduce the transport. That means less emissions because of shorter ways. Moreover buying regional food is more delicious because the groceries can be harvested more mature or ripe.

Another important point is the plastic packaging. Regional food needs less packaging than food which has to be transported over thousands of kilometers because it must be protected from any damage. It is worthwhile to buy local food if you want to work against climate change.

Is vegetarianism good for the climate?

Meat production requires a lot of energy and water. A lot of primeval forests get destroyed to harvest soy for the food of the animals. Because of this, ecosystems get damaged and the global warming is accelerating.

Moreover there are gases which are emitted through stock farming. Especially cattle farming discharges high numbers of methane and nitrous oxide which are harming the environment. Methane is 25 times more destructive than CO2.

The result: Eating less or no meat is active climate protection!


  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of the Amazon's destruction
  • 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions is due to livestocks and their byproducts
  • Livestock covers 45% of the earth's total land

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Fiction and a little bit of humor about the future...

FRED & THE TIME MACHINE is a low budget sitcom for the documentary web The Climate Puppets. The plot treat about a fictional future where the climatic change can not be solved. The characters live in a «post-apocalyptic» future because of the climatic change, with a dirty air and where all is gray.Action and science fiction with a message about the necessity of take action in our present to fight the climate change consequences

Fred & the Time Machine presentation

This is a brief presentation of the paper format for the Fred & the Time Machine web serie. Here you may find information about main characters, scenaries, the story-line and some pictures about the shooting process. Would you like continuing the story? Contact us!